Navigating the pathway toward successful adaptation to climate change

September 7, 2023 | 13:30 h - 14:30 h

At this upcoming ZEF public lecture Lisa Schipper, Professor in Development Geography at the University of Bonn, will talk about adaptation to climate change.

About the topic 

The talk is based on an article published online in nature climate change (August 21, 2023): Navigating the continuum between adaptation and maladaptation (Reckien et al, You can also read a summary in a recent guest post in Carbon Brief: Gauging the success of climate change adaptation (August 21, 2023).


Adaptation is increasing across all sectors globally. Yet, the effectiveness of adaptation is inadequate, and examples of maladaptation are increasing. To reduce the risk of maladaptation, we propose the framework, Navigating the Adaptation–Maladaptation continuum (NAM). This framework is composed of six criteria relating to outcomes of adaptation for ecosystems, the climate (greenhouse gases emissions) and social systems (transformational potential) as well as equity-related outcomes for low-income populations, women/girls and marginalized ethnic groups. We apply the NAM framework to a set of representative adaptation options showing that considerable variation exists in the potential for adaptation or the risk of maladaptation. We suggest that decision-makers assess adaptation interventions against the NAM framework criteria and prioritize responses that reduce the risk of maladaptation.

About the speaker

Lisa Schipper is professor of development geography at the University of Bonn. She has researched adaptation and development for the last 25 years. Her interest is in how adaptation is understood and implemented in the Global South, especially through development co-operation, and how vulnerability is addressed in adaptation projects. Lisa was Co-ordinating Lead Author in IPCC Working Group II of the 6th Assessment Report and is co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Climate and Development.

About the public lecture

The lecture will be held in hybrid mode.
If you are not in Bonn and able to attend in-person you can register and join via Zoom:
(Meeting ID: 663 8782 8249: Passcode: 831670)





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Dr. Bezawit Beyene Chichaibelu