Big Conference: FOODSECURE's research findings were presented in Brussels

October 14, 2016.  

Researchers from across hemnispheres, advisers of the European Commission and NGOs gathered on October 12 for the final conference in Brussels. The FOODSECURE research consortium under the scientific coordination of ZEF, presented scenarios and modelling tools, built on solid evidence, that allow a better look into the future. In panel discussions FOODSECURE researchers, members of the advisory board and advisers to the European Commission debated over the design of consistent and coherent long-term policy strategies for improving food and nutrition security.

The FOODSECURE final conference has been organised in coordination with the EU conference "<link http: research conferences food2030 external-link-new-window external link in new>Food 2030" taking place the following day. Officials from the EU, industry, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and civil society organisations participated and Joachim von Braun gave a keynote “Toward Climate Resilient Food Systems and Europe’s Roles”.