Study on climate change impact on food security published in Science

December 05, 2013.  

A new article co-authored by Tim Wheeler (Univ. of Reading) and ZEF’s Joachim von Braun calls for a 'climate-smart food system'. The researchers carried out a review of key scientific papers on food security and climate change since 1990. It confirmed a robust and coherent global pattern of climate change impacts on crop productivity that could have consequences for food availability.

Climate change threatens past improvements in food security especially in developing countries’ regions which are already suffering from food insecurity. In addition to technological improvements, broader adaptation strategies have to incorporate international trade, strategic stock holding and social security measures for the most vulnerable groups.


Find a video statement by Joachim von Braun here:


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The article is published in the recent issue of Science.



Joachim von Braun

Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun


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