ZEF member of new research consortium on renewable energy in West Africa

March 08, 2018.  

New research on renewable energy in West Africa

ZEF is part of the new project "CIREG", which stands for "Climate Information to support integrated Renewable Electricity Generation in West Africa" and is a research project funded by the “European Research Area for Climate Services” (<link http: www.jpi-climate.eu era4cs>ERA4CS). ZEF will receive around 400,000 euros for the upcoming three years.

<link http: www.jpi-climate.eu nl>CIREG project partners come from six different institutes based in five countries, including ZEF and WASCAL. The CIREG project partners had their kick-off workshop from February 28 to March 2, 2018, at the <link https: www.pik-potsdam.de external-link-new-window internal link in current>Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany which leads the new consortium.

Research is going to be conducted in Niger, Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso in cooperation with a German industrial partner producing hybrid renewable systems for West Africa. CIREG will establish demand-driven and context-specific climate services at various scales in terms of time and space, using a transdisciplinary, model- and user-driven approach. ZEF researchers will conduct several baseline studies on the real access and cost of energy and investigate the regional potential for Renewable Energy Generation, such as wind- solar- and hydropower. They will identify possible transition pathways towards these Renewable Energy Generation systems considering present climate variability and projected future climate change in West Africa.

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Roberto Cantoni

Dr. Roberto Cantoni