Summit of the Future, Amsterdam

September 15, 2004.  

2. January 26-28, 2005, Club of Amsterdam: Summit for the Future - Visions &

Strategies for 2020: Science & Technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Gain critical insights and a deeper understanding of the issues that will shape the

Knowledge Society. The Summit for the Future 2005 is a European conference that

brings together experts, thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers.

Together with top experts, this conference tackles key issues in five knowledge

streams: Trade, Energy, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment and Science &



Attend the Summit for the Future 2005 and: a) understand the drivers of change, b)

tackle key issues with experts, c) prepare your organisation with long term visions and

d) network with thought leaders and policy makers.


The Summit for the Future 2005 is a unique opportunity for participants to learn from

experts while tackling key knowledge issues. There will be ample time for networking

during workshops, breaks, meals and social events. A web environment will be

available prior, during and after the conference to share ideas, backgrounds,

documents and resources.


The main objective is to bring together thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge

workers to gain a deeper understanding and more insights regarding critical elements

in their industries and how they relate to a European Knowledge Society.


Science & Technology Knowledge Stream

The speakers are:

Simon Jones, Managing Director, M.I.T. MediaLab Europe

Bror Salmelin, Head of Unit Information Society DG, European Commission

Valeri Souchkov, Inbitween Consulting Group

Andreas Neef, Executive Manager, Z_punkt, The Foresight Company

Knowledge Stream Leader: Patrick Crehan, CEO & Owner, Crehan, Kusano &

Associates sprl


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Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske