Postdoc position: human-environment interactions in selected areas of rural China

June 13, 2008.  

Applications are invited for a post-doctoral researcher to work at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) on a project investigating human-environment interactions in selected areas of rural China.


Specifically, we are looking for researchers with interests in spatial modeling of human-environment interactions. We will use methods that integrate natural and social science approaches to proxy alterations in human welfare levels and changes in local and regional environmental indicators over time and space. Possible methodologies may include spatially explicit statistical approaches as well as Bayesian network analyses to estimate the determinants of and the linkages between observed environmental changes and rural welfare levels. The results of the project are expected to shed light on the human-environment interactions in rapidly changing circumstances in order to propose adequate policy and management options. The successful candidate should have a strong background in the application of quantitative analysis of economic, social, and/or ecological systems. (S)he should preferably speak Chinese language and/or have previous work experiences in China.


The post is associated with the IAMO International Research Group “Economic dynamics and social equilibrium in rural China”, which aims at a comprehensive and coordinated analysis of the dynamics of agricultural development, and socio-economic and ecological processes in China’s rural areas to overcome main development deficits. The following people and institutions, who are international leaders in this field, collaborate within the research group: Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, CCAP, (Prof. Jikun Huang); Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, CARD, China (Prof. Zuhui Huang); World Bank, Beijing; Stanford University, USA (Prof. Scott Rozelle); Ohio State University, USA (Prof. Belton Fleischer); Licos Center for Transition Economics, Belgium (Prof. Johann Swinnen); Cemagref, France (Dr Guillaume Deffuant).


IAMO (www.iamo.deIAMO de) is one of the leading public research institutions on transition economies. The post will be located in Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, an old city with a vibrant research and student environment. The city is very well connected to major railway lines and to the airport Leipzig/Halle. The successful candidate will also have the opportunity to do fieldwork in the China, and to spend time at partner research institutions.


We offer internationally competitive salaries with social benefits. We regret that we cannot refund any application expenses. Interested candidates are invited to submit electronic applications (letter of motivation and CV) to Dr. Daniel Müller ( Pls. do not hesitate to contact Dr. Müller should you have any questions regarding the post. Successful applicants are expected to commence work summer/autumn 2008 for a period of three years.


Günther Manske

Dr. Günther Manske