ZEF’s new strategy paper published

July 09, 2007.  

ZEF is proud and pleased to present its new strategy paper, sketching ZEF’s research activities for the coming decade. The new strategy paper is ZEF’s guide to a focused research approach and represents an updated version of the original strategy paper. It incorporates lessons learned since 1997 and sets strategic directions and long-term goals for the Center over the next ten years. It also shows how research, teaching, and advisory activities will be linked to those goals.


ZEF was established in 1995 and is operational since 1997 as an academic research institute at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn. Its foci are: conducting scientific research on issues in the developing world, educating a new generation of academics and experts in the field of development research as well as providing science-based advice on issues of international development policy.


ZEF’s uniqueness lies in the trans-disciplinary scientific set-up of its research work, its international network and its huge capacity building activities, mainly represented by its International Graduate Program but also incorporated into its research projects.


ZEF’s research agenda has covered topics such as Desertification in Uzbekistan, The impact of climate change on regional land and water use in West Africa, Governance and conflict in Afghanistan, Economic reform in Arab countries, and so on. We are proud of the achievements so far, but know there is still a lot to do for researchers to contribute substantially and effectively to urging problems in the developing world.


We wish you a good and interesting read!


Download: zef_strategy_paper_2007.pdf (5,4 MB)


Alma van der Veen