Press release: Meat import ban in Africa hurts local population

Photo: ZEF/University of Bonn

January 24, 2023.  


Press release issued by Bonn University on study by  Isabel Knößlsdorfer and ZEF-director Matin Qaim  about the effects of European chicken exports to Ghana.


The EU regularly exports large quantities of poultry meat to West African countries. These exports have been criticized for harming importing countries in West Africa and exacerbating poverty there. The reason: Cheap imports depress the local price of chicken, making life difficult for local smallholders. Researchers at the Universities of Bonn and Göttingen have now used the example of Ghana to calculate the effects that would result if the country were to significantly increase its import tariffs for poultry meat or even stop imports completely. The result: Prices would indeed rise domestically, but most local households would not benefit.


Isabel Knößlsdorfer & Matin Qaim: Cheap chicken in Africa: Would import restrictions be pro-poor? Food Security; DOI:

Full press releases by University of Bonn:




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Matin Qaim

Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim


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