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ZEF Discussion Papers

Melaku, A.B., Qaim, M. and B.L. Debela.  2023.  Maternal employment in high-value agriculture and child nutrition: Evidence from the Ethiopian cut-flower industry.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 336) Download [PDF | 768.63KB]

Stark, O., Bielawski, J. and F. Falniowski.  2023.  Measuring income inequality in social networks.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 335) Download [PDF | 657.91KB]

Musungu, A.L., Kubik, Z. and M. Qaim.  2023.  Drought Shocks and Labor Reallocation in Rural Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 334) Download [PDF | 754.48KB]

Stark, O.  2023.  Can altruism lead to a willingness to take risks?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 333) Download [PDF | 291.62KB]

Maina, K.W., Parlasca, M.C., Rao, E.J.O. and M. Qaim.  2023.  Farmer-friendly delivery of veterinary services: Experimental insights from the Kenyan dairy sector.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 332) Download [PDF | 535.23KB]

Liu, Z., Kornher, L. and M. Qaim.  2023.  Impacts of supermarkets on child nutrition in China.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 331) Download [PDF | 928.61KB]

Rana, S. and M. Qaim.  2023.  Why do rural people temporarily migrate to other rural areas? Insights from northern Bangladesh.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 330) Download [PDF | 913.04KB]

Shen, J., Zhu, Z., Qaim, M., Fan, S. and X. Tian.  2023.  E-commerce improves dietary quality of rural households in China.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 329) Download [PDF | 1.21MB]

Stark, O.  2023.  On a tendency in health economics to dwell on income inequality and underestimate social stress.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 328) Download [PDF | 468.61KB]

Miranda, J. and J. Börner.  2023.  Agricultural commodity prices, governance, and land supply in the Tropics.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 327) Download [PDF | 1.46MB]

Magalhães de Oliveira, G., Sellare, J. and J. Börner.  2023.  Mind your language: Political discourse affects deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 326) Download [PDF | 840.96KB]

von Braun, J.  2023.  UN Food Systems Summit 2021 – What Role Science and Innovation in the Summit and in Countries’ Plans and Why?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 325) Download [PDF | 833.70KB]

Stark, O. and G. Kosiorowski.  2023.  A pure theory of population distribution when preferences are ordinal.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 324) Download [PDF | 625.73KB]

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