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ZEF Working Papers

Mollinga, P.P.  2005.  Sleeping with the Enemy: Dichotomies and Polarisation in Indian Policy Debates on the Environmental and Social Effects of Irrigation.  (ZEF Working Paper 11) Download [PDF | 282.73KB]

Laube, W.  2005.  Promise and Perils of Water Reform: Perspectives from Northern Ghana.  (ZEF Working Paper 10) Download [PDF | 217.03KB]

Fuest, V.  2005.  Partnerschaft, Patronage oder Paternatlismus? Eine empirische Analyse der Praxis universitärer Forschungskooperation mit Entwicklungsländern.  (ZEF Working Paper 9) Download [PDF | 412.02KB]

Evers, H.-D. and S. Gerke.  2005.  Knowledge is Power: Experts as Strategic Groups.  (ZEF Working Paper 8a) Download [PDF | 205.02KB]

Mollinga, P.P.  2005.  The Water Resources Policy Process in India: Centralisation, Polarisation and New Demands on Governance.  (ZEF Working Paper 7) Download [PDF | 323.01KB]

Menkhoff, T. and H.-D. Evers.  2005.  Strategic Groups in a Knowledge Society: Knowledge Elites as Drivers of Biotechnology Development in Singapore.  (ZEF Working Paper 6) Download [PDF | 679.23KB]

Fuest, V.  2005.  Policies, Practices and Outcomes of Demand oriented Community Water Supply in Ghana: The National Community Water and Sanitation Programme 1994 – 2004.  (ZEF Working Paper 5) Download [PDF | 679.23KB]

Kassahun, S.  2005.  Social Capital and Community Efficacy: In poor localities of Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 4) Download [PDF | 679.23KB]

Schetter, C.  2005.  Ethnicity and the Political Reconstruction of Afghanistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 3) Download [PDF | 247.07KB]

Bhuiyan, S. and H.-D. Evers.  2005.  Social Capital and Sustainable Development: Theories and Concepts.  (ZEF Working Paper 2) Download [PDF | 211.91KB]

Evers, H.-D. and S. Gerke.  2005.  Closing the Digital Divide: Southeast Asia's Path: Towards a Knowledge Society.  (ZEF Working Paper 1) Download [PDF | 269.77KB]