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ZEF Working Papers

Poos, H.  2011.  The local governance of social security in rural Surkhondarya, Uzbekistan - post-Soviet community, state and social order.  (ZEF Working Paper 87) Download [PDF | 730.54KB]

Nguyen, Q.-H. and H.-D. Evers.  2011.  Farmers as knowledge brokers: Analysing three cases from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.  (ZEF Working Paper 86) Download [PDF | 1.05MB]

Genschick, S.  2011.  Pangasius at risk - Governance in farming and processing, and the role of different capital.  (ZEF Working Paper 85) Download [PDF | 761.61KB]

Eguavoen, I., Derib, S.D., Deneke, T.T., McCartney, M., Otto, B.A. and S.S. Billa.  2011.  Digging, damming or diverting? Small-scale irrigation in the Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 84) Download [PDF | 1.97MB]

Eguavoen, I. and W. Tesfai.  2011.  Rebuilding livelihoods after dam-induced relocation in Koga, Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 83) Download [PDF | 444.04KB]

Saravanan V.S. and P.P. Mollinga.  2011.  The Environment and Human Health - An Agenda for Research.  (ZEF Working Paper 82) Download [PDF | 1.33MB]

Ziai, A.  2011.  Some reflections on the concept of ‘development’.  (ZEF Working Paper 81) Download [PDF | 456.79KB]

Baumüller, H., Ladenburger, C. and J. von Braun.  2011.  Innovative business approaches for the reduction of extreme poverty and marginality?.  (ZEF Working Paper 80) Download [PDF | 694.52KB]

Yarash, N. and K. Mielke.  2011.  "The Social Order of the Bazaar: Socio-economic embedding of Retail and Trade in Kunduz and Imam Sahib".  (ZEF Working Paper 79) Download [PDF | 1.06MB]

Mielke, K., Schetter, C. and A. Wilde.  2011.  Dimensions of Social Order: Empirical Fact, Analytical Framework and Boundary Concept.  (ZEF Working Paper 78) Download [PDF | 672.79KB]

Gatzweiler, F.W., Baumüller, H., Ladenburger, C. and J. von Braun.  2011.  Marginality: Addressing the Root Causes of Extreme Poverty.  (ZEF Working Paper 77) Download [PDF | 1.01MB]

Stellmacher, T. and U. Grote.  2011.  Forest Coffee Certification in Ethiopia: Economic Boon or Ecological Bane?.  (ZEF Working Paper 76) Download [PDF | 588.52KB]

Shtaltovna, A., Hornidge, A.-K. and P.P. Mollinga.  2011.  The Reinvention of Agricultural Service Organisations in Uzbekistan - a Machine-Tractor Park in the Khorezm Region.  (ZEF Working Paper 75) Download [PDF | 318.26KB]

Oberkircher, L.  2011.  'Stay - We Will Serve You Plov!'. Puzzles and pitfalls of water research in rural Uzbekistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 74) Download [PDF | 449.12KB]