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ZEF Working Papers

Iskandar, D.D. and F. Gatzweiler.  2014.  An optimization model for technology adoption of marginalized smallholders: Theoretical support for matching technological and institutional innovations.  (ZEF Working Paper 136) Download [PDF | 677.05KB]

Mirzabaev, A., Guta, D., Goedecke, J., Gaur, V., Börner, J., Virchow, D., Denich, M. and J. von Braun.  2014.  Bioenergy, Food Security and Poverty Reduction: Mitigating tradeoffs and promoting synergies along the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus.  (ZEF Working Paper 135) Download [PDF | 1.03MB]

Mc Bain, F.  2014.  Health insurance and health environment: India’s subsidized health insurance in a context of limited water and sanitation services.  (ZEF Working Paper 134) Download [PDF | 585.02KB]

Callo-Concha, D.  2014.  Approaches to managing disturbance and change: Resilience, vulnerability and adaptability.  (ZEF Working Paper 133) Download [PDF | 1.08MB]

Schwachula, A., Vila Seoane, M. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2014.  Science, technology and innovation in the context of development. An overview of concepts and corresponding policies recommended by international organisations.  (ZEF Working Paper 132) Download [PDF | 1.66MB]

Zulfiqar, A., Mujeri, M.K., Badrun Nessa, A.  2014.  Extreme Poverty and Marginality in Bangladesh: Review of Extreme Poverty Focused Innovative Programmes.  (ZEF Working Paper 131) Download [PDF | 534.05KB]

Saravanan, V.S., Mavalankar, D., Kulkarni, S., Nussbaum, S. and M. Weigelt.  2014.  Metabolized-water breeding diseases in urban India: Socio-spatiality of water problems and health burden in Ahmedabad.  (ZEF Working Paper 130) Download [PDF | 3.93MB]

Evers, H.D.  2014.  Governing Maritime Space: The South China Sea as a Mediterranean Cultural Area.  (ZEF Working Paper 129) Download [PDF | 1.43MB]

Kirui, O. and A. Mirzabaev.  2014.  Economics of Land Degradation in Eastern Africa.  (ZEF Working Paper 128) Download [PDF | 2.14MB]

Siriwardane, R.  2014.  War, Migration and Modernity: The Micro-politics of the Hijab in Northeastern Sri Lanka.  (ZEF Working Paper 127) Download [PDF | 1.35MB]

Jia, L. and C. Bao.  2014.  Residential fresh water demand in China: A panel data analysis.  (ZEF Working Paper 126) Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Ariff, S., Evers, H.D., Ndah, A.B. and F. Purwaningrum.  2014.  Governing Knowledge for Development: Knowledge Clusters in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia.  (ZEF Working Paper 125) Download [PDF | 2.33MB]