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ZEF Working Papers

Laube, W.  2015.  Changing Aspirations, Cultural Models of Success, and Social Mobility in Northern Ghana.  (ZEF Working Paper 145) Download [PDF | 838.91KB]

Husmann, C., von Braun, J., Badiane, O., Akinbamijo, Y., Abiodun, F.O. and D. Virchow.  2015.  Tapping Potentials of Innovation for Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Growth: An Africa-Wide Perspective.  (ZEF Working Paper 144) Download [PDF | 1.75MB]

Mohr, A., Beuchelt, T., Schneider, R. and D. Virchow.  2015.  A rights-based food security principle for biomass sustainability standards and certification systems.  (ZEF Working Paper 143) Download [PDF | 1.36MB]

Von Braun, J. and M. Kalkuhl.  2015.  International Science and Policy Interaction for Improved Food and Nutrition Security: Toward an International Panel on Food and Nutrition (IPFN).  (ZEF Working Paper 142) Download [PDF | 2.19MB]

Eguavoen, I. and J. Wahren.  2015.  Climate change adaptation in Burkina Faso: aid dependency and obstacles to political participation.  (ZEF Working Paper 140) Download [PDF | 2.15MB]

Wiesmann, D., Biesalski, H. K., von Grebmer, K. and J. Bernstein.  2015.  Methodological Review and Revision of the Global Hunger Index.  (ZEF Working Paper 139) Download [PDF | 2.65MB]

Amankwah, K., Shtaltovna, A., Kelboro, G. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2015.  A Critical Review of the Follow-the-Innovation Approach: Stakeholder collaboration and agricultural innovation development.  (ZEF Working Paper 138) Download [PDF | 1.53MB]

Bühler, D., Grote, U., Hartje, R., Ker, B., Lam, D.T., Nguyen, L.D., Nguyen, T.T. and K. Tong.  2015.  Rural Livelihood Strategies in Cambodia: Evidence from a household survey in Stung Treng.  (ZEF Working Paper 137) Download [PDF | 2.14MB]