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ZEF Working Papers

Gulati, A., Manchanda, S. and R. Kacker.  2016.  Harvesting Solar Power in India.  (ZEF Working Paper 152) Download [PDF | 2.79MB]

Mbaye, L.M. and K.F. Zimmermann.  2016.  Natural Disasters and Human Mobility.  (ZEF Working Paper 151) Download [PDF | 1.48MB]

Kavegue, A. and I. Eguavoen.  2016.  The experience and impact of urban floods and pollution in Ebo Town, Greater Banjul Area, in The Gambia.  (ZEF Working Paper 150) Download [PDF | 2.16MB]

Sharma, R., Nguyen, T.T., Grote, U. and T.T. Nguyen.  2016.  Changing Livelihoods in Rural Cambodia: Evidence from panel household data in Stung Treng.  (ZEF Working Paper 149) Download [PDF | 1.29MB]

Grote, U. and F. Neubacher.  2016.  Rural Crime in Developing Countries: Theoretical Framework, Empirical Findings, Research Needs.  (ZEF Working Paper 148) Download [PDF | 559.12KB]

Youkhana, E.  2016.  Migrants’ religious spaces and the power of Christian Saints – the Latin American Virgin of Cisne in Spain.  (ZEF Working Paper 147) Download [PDF | 744.01KB]

Narayanan, S. and N. Gerber.  2016.  Social Safety Nets for Food and Nutritional Security in India.  (ZEF Working Paper 146) Download [PDF | 2.43MB]