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ZEF Working Papers

Bekchanov, M., Evia, P., Hasan, M.M., Adhikari, N. and D. Gondhalekar.  2018.  Institutional framework and financial arrangements for supporting the adoption of Resource Recovery Reuse technologies in South Asia.  (ZEF Working Paper 176) Download [PDF | 0.97MB]

Njiraini, G., Ngigi, M. and E. Baraké.  2018.  Women in African Agriculture: Integrating Women into Value Chains to Build a Stronger Sector.  (ZEF Working Paper 175) Download [PDF | 2.09MB]

Muli, C., Gerber, N., Sakketa, T.G. and A. Mirzabaev.  2018.  Ecosystem tipping points due to variable water availability and cascading effects on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.  (ZEF Working Paper 174) Download [PDF | 1.74MB]

G. Desalegn and S.N. Ali.  2018.  Review of the Impact of Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) on Rural Welfare in Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 173) Download [PDF | 2.25MB]

Salvatierra Rojas, A., Torres Toledo, V., Mrabet, F. and J. Müller.  2018.  Improving milk value chains through solar milk cooling.  (ZEF Working Paper 172) Download [PDF | 5.21MB]

Daum, T.  2018.  Of Bulls and Bulbs - Aspirations and perceptions of rural youth in Zambia.  (ZEF Working Paper 171) Download [PDF | 2.49MB]

Beuchelt, T. and S. Nischalke.  2018.  Adding a gender lens in quantitative development research on food and non-food biomass production: A guide for sex-disaggregated data collection.  (ZEF Working Paper 170) Download [PDF | 637.25KB]

Kirui, O.K. and J. von Braun.  2018.  Mechanization in African Agriculture A Continental Overview on Patterns and Dynamics.  (ZEF Working Paper 169) Download [PDF | 0.98MB]

Bekchanov M. and P. Evia.  2018.  Resources Recovery and Reuse in Sanitation and Wastewater Systems: Options and Investment Climate in South and Southeast Asian Countries.  (ZEF Working Paper 168) Download [PDF | 2.74MB]

von Braun, J.  2018.  Innovations to Overcome the Increasingly Complex Problems of Hunger.  (ZEF Working Paper 167) Download [PDF | 1.95MB]

Tambo, J.A.  2018.  Recognizing and rewarding farmers’ creativity through contests: experiences and insights from four African countries.  (ZEF Working Paper 166) Download [PDF | 1.16MB]

Christinck, A., Rattunde, F., Kergna, A., Mulinge, W. and E. Weltzien.  2018.  Identifying Options for the Development of Sustainable Seed Systems - Insights from Kenya and Mali.  (ZEF Working Paper 165) Download [PDF | 1.32MB]

Kirui. O.K. and M. Kozicka.  2018.  Vocational Education and Training for Farmers and Other Actors in the Agri-Food Value Chain in Africa.  (ZEF Working Paper 164) Download [PDF | 1.66MB]