Internal scholarship applicants
23:59 CEST (UTC/GMT +2)
August 31st, annually

External funding applicants
Deadlines vary


BIGS-DR coordination team
Dr. Silke Tönsjost
Max Voit


Other sponsors

Deadline: varies depending on funding institution

You can also apply for a scholarship from any other foundation or sponsor. The procedure is the same as above. Applicants should apply simultaneously for scholarships and for the doctoral program and provide a copy of the scholarship information to BIGS-DR. Be sure to indicate in your application (motivation letter or attachment) if the foundation or sponsor has a deadline. The University of Bonn may issue a conditional letter of acceptance to students who require a confirmation from the university in order to grant the scholarship.

Tip: Conditional letters of acceptance can take up to three months to process, so be sure to apply well in advance!

In your application documents, please include:

  • A letter of award from the foundation or sponsor, or
  • Information about the foundation or sponsor for which you have already applied, or contact that you have made. Information should include: amount of funding, duration of funding, expense breakdown, the application deadline, and any further relevant information that details the foundation.

External funding: vacancies at ZEF