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ZEF Working Papers

Schraven, B., Eguavoen, I. and G. Manske.  2009.  Doctoral degrees for capacity development: Results from a survey among African BiGS-DR alumni.  (ZEF Working Paper 51) Download [PDF | 309.26KB]

Gerke, S. and J. Ehlert.  2009.  Local Knowledge as Strategic Resource: Fishery in the Seasonal Floodplains of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 50) Download [PDF | 608.99KB]

Reis, N. and P.P. Mollinga.  2009.  Microcredit for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in the Mekong Delta.  (ZEF Working Paper 49) Download [PDF | 930.08KB]

Evers, H.-D. and T. Bauer.  2009.  Emerging Epistemic Landscapes: Knowledge Clusters in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.  (ZEF Working Paper 48) Download [PDF | 600.43KB]

Huu, P.C., Ehlers, E. and S.V. Subramanian.  2009.  Dyke System Planing: Theory and Practice in Can Tho City, Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 47) Download [PDF | 1.20MB]

Subramanian, S.V.  2009.  Dancing to the Tune of Democracy: Agents Negotiating Power to Decentralise Water Management.  (ZEF Working Paper 46) Download [PDF | 333.43KB]

Subramanian, S.V.  2009.  Integration of Policies in Framing Water Management Problem in the Indian Himalayas Analysing Policy Processes using a Bayesian Network.  (ZEF Working Paper 45) Download [PDF | 272.92KB]

Evers, H.-D., Genschick, S. and B. Schraven.  2009.  Constructing Epistemic Landscapes: Methods of GIS-Based Mapping.  (ZEF Working Paper 44) Download [PDF | 791.93KB]

Scholtes, F.  2009.  Status quo and prospects of smallholders in the Brazilian sugarcane and ethanol sector: Lessons for development and poverty reduction.  (ZEF Working Paper 43) Download [PDF | 359.49KB]

Laube, W.  2009.  Changing the Course of History? Implementing water reforms in Ghana and South Africa.  (ZEF Working Paper 42) Download [PDF | 323.41KB]

Laube, W.  2009.  Creative Bureaucracy: Balancing power in irrigation administration in northern Ghana.  (ZEF Working Paper 41) Download [PDF | 329.71KB]

Scholtes, F.  2009.  How does moral knowledge matter in development practice, and how can it be researched?.  (ZEF Working Paper 40) Download [PDF | 262.52KB]

Hornidge, A.-K., Ul Hassan, M. and P.P. Mollinga.  2009.  'Follow the Innovation' - A joint experimentation and learning approach to transdisciplinary innovation research.  (ZEF Working Paper 39) Download [PDF | 566.22KB]

Eguavoen, I.  2009.  The Acquisition of Water Storage Facilities in the Abay River Basin, Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 38) Download [PDF | 1.57MB]

Scholtes, F.  2009.  Analysing and explaining power in a capability perspective.  (ZEF Working Paper 37) Download [PDF | 241.50KB]

Obeng, G.Y. and H.-D. Evers.  2009.  Solar PV Rural Electrification and Energy-Poverty: A Review and Conceptual Framework With Reference to Ghana.  (ZEF Working Paper 36) Download [PDF | 246.41KB]

Evers, H.-D. and S. Benedikter.  2009.  Strategic Group Formation in the Mekong Delta - The Development of a Modern Hydraulic Society.  (ZEF Working Paper 35) Download [PDF | 2.34MB]

Evers, H.-D. and S. Gerke.  2009.  Strategic Group Analysis.  (ZEF Working Paper 34) Download [PDF | 258.28KB]