New publication:

10 Nov 2023: Hina Amber, Bezawit Beyene Chichaibelu, Ayesha Hussain, "Working paper PAK-22040 May 2023 Impact of public transport and ride-hailing services on female labour force Participation in Lahore, Pakistan: A mixed-method approach"

A report on gender-sensitive research at ZEF. Lead-author: Dennis Aviles, January 2022. Download (english) [PDF | 2.57MB]

Special publications:

January 2022. Gender in ZEF. Internal report, Lead-author: Dennis Aviles

Blog posts:

October 25, 2023: Activists and academics for women’s land rights. Part 2

October 13, 2023: A would-be match made in heaven: Activists and academics for women’s land rights. Part 1

June 9, 2023: “World Environment Day: Bridging the Gap between Gender and the Environment”

March 7, 2022: Why rural development cannot happen whilst Gender-based violence remains endemic across the world

April 29, 2020: Gender inequalities show and deepen in times of pandemic

Sarkar, A. (2023). “Women, Water and Technology: Changing Nature of Water Transactions in Western Rajasthan”. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 13(1): 30–38.

Andaratu Achuliwor Khalid, Dennis Lucy Avilés Irahola, Adam Salifu. ZEF Working Paper 219, 'Women’s Autonomy in Maternal Healthcare Decision-making in Urban Ghana'

Amber, H., & Chichaibelu, B. B. (2023). Impact of Public Transit and Ride-hailing Services on Female Labor Force Participation in Lahore, Pakistan: A Mixed-Method Approach. Forthcoming as IGC working paper.

Amber, H., & Chichaibelu, B. B. (2023). Narrowing the Gender Digital Divide: Mobile Phone Ownership and Female Labor Force Participation in Pakistan. Review of Development Economics, 1-29.

Amber, H., & Chichaibelu, B. B. (2023). Patterns and Causes of Female Labor Force Participation: An Age–Period–Cohort Analysis for Pakistan. Population Research and Policy Review, 42(2), 20.

Pratama, A. B., Amber, H., Shershunovich, Y., & de Castro, A. B. R. (2023). Do smart cities perform better in governing the COVID-19 crisis? Empirical evidence from Indonesian cities. Urban Governance.

Gretchen L. Gonzaga, Wolfreda T. Alesna, Editha G. Cagasan "Women’s experiences of a livelihood project after Haiyan: A phenomenological study". Access here

Dr. Tina Beuchelt, Dr. Dennis Avilés Irahola, 2022. Nicht länger an ihnen vorbei: Klimamittel müssen bevorzugt an Frauen gehen. Find it here.

Sarkar, Anindita (2022), 'Time and trauma: what fetching water costs women and girls in Nairobi's informal settlements', The Conversation, January 12, 2022,, Available at:

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Beuchelt, T.D. and S. Nischalke. 2018. Adding a gender lens in quantitative development research on food and non-food biomass production: A guide for sex-disaggregated data collection. ZEF Working Papers No. 170, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany. (Open Access)

Nischalke, S.M., Abebe, M., Assefa, B., Keding, G.B., Kriesemer, S.K., Randrianarison, N., and T.D. Beuchelt. 2018. Gender challenges in horticultural research in Ethiopia and Madagascar. Acta Hortic. 1205, 137-146. DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1205.16.

Gutierrez-Montes, I., Arguedas, M., Ramirez-Aguero, F., Mercado, L., & Sellare, J. (2018). Contributing to the construction of a framework for improved gender integration into climate-smart agriculture projects monitoring and evaluation: MAP-Norway experience. Climatic Change, 158, 93–106.

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